Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

All crucial Belimo locations are currently operating and we are maintaining safety and health as our top priority. We have taken aggressive measures to provide a safe working environment for our employees in all our facilities worldwide. Depending on the country and the current governmental instructions, we have adapted our processes and working procedures as such that we meet the local rules and regulations.

Belimo is an essential business and belongs to the Critical Manufacturing Sector, which includes the manufacturing industries that are most crucial for the continuity of the supply chain of sectors such as healthcare, food, communications, and pharma. For example, millions of actuators, valves, and sensors are installed in healthcare facilities worldwide. Those facilities must adhere to strict procedures and must ensure that critical components are functional. As an example, if an actuator does not work properly in an intensive care room, the necessary pressurization cannot be maintained, rendering the room inoperable. Therefore, we feel obligated to try everything to ensuring continued supply to our customers.

Still, the actual situation remains very fluid. If current conditions are to remain stable, we do not expect to experience any general increase in product lead times or availability other than possible delays due to constraints in the outbound logistics. The possibility exists that some of our operations, or those of our suppliers, may become impacted by further constraints related to the pandemic. Belimo is monitoring the situation closely with our employees, suppliers, and authorities. If the circumstances around this situation warrant, measures will be adjusted, and a new communication will be made.

Our top priority is to protect the health of our employees and at the same time to remain able to deliver. We will do everything in our power to achieve this. Please do not hesitate to contact in case additional questions occur.

We offer our sincere best wishes to you, your families, and co-workers for the challenges you may be facing during the coming weeks.



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